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A girl as shiny as the color she sounds like.

A foxy mistress with a perfect smile and eyes like eternity.

Most people take one look at Gulden and knows that this is one woman they want to lay hands on. But not many people know that she is as awesome as she her stunning looks. Takes on both boys and girls swifter than a snowball in lava. But doesn't even though she can.

Gulden doesn't really have to do anything to glow of awesomeness, she just is. But it doesn't help that she is the both is the nicest girl you could ever know, at the same time as the perfect bitch to those who wrong her. You don't want to stand in the way of her saying when she is ready explode with awesome comments and mindnumbing geniousity.

Great lover and a perfect being.
If an angel fell from the skies and landed between me an Gulden, I would have to ask the angel to move so that I could see her.

Woaw, that Gulden is some girl. I wish all girls were like her.
by Mr.Amsterdam December 07, 2011
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An angelic girl's name which has great synonym with golden. Mostly capricorn and has it's characteristics. Also a term for sweetness.
Dude,look at that girl she's totally a Gulden!
by Mr.Valetta December 27, 2012
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