A word used to describe an overflowing sense of accomplishment, joy, gratitude, appreciation, and overall positive vibes.

Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Connor: Yo boys just got some donuts for the house
Curtis: Dude, that's so guints!

Rhys: I just pined this tenner last night that I met on Tindskis
JJ: Hollly, that sounds like such a guints night..

Aidan: *just made some mac & donk* dude, I'm guintsing right now
by guintslord April 23, 2021
A red-headed whore who has a vagina that smells of garlic and onions. She is overweight and also is an enormous bitch. She frequently believes she is an attractive person, but is actually pretty repuslive. Nice butt though.
So i could have swore someone was eating chips and salsa, but it just turns out there was a Guint around
by Groeli March 25, 2008
A word used as an insult or to refer to one as a “sour” Vagina. Most commnly used with the word “bloody” before it.
Tyler: “ Get out of here!”
Ricky: “ Fuck off ya bloody guint!”
by Etxon May 15, 2018