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When a man walks across the road to his friend's house, knocks on the door and finds his friend's girlfriend stood there in the nude with nothing but a bra and a black thong, pressumably drunk. Man asks why she's naked and she suggests that she wants some hard fucking. She grabs the man's crotch and pulls him upstairs into the bedroom for some sex. Once in the bedroom, she pulls down his jeans, pants and gives him the best blowjob of his life. Man moans in pleasure and pulls her head even further in for the blowjob. Woman then finishes blowjob by swallowing the cum and then asks man to remove thong. Man does and sucks her giant tits and gives the woman a Dirty Pompeii. Woman moans in pleasure and presents her anus so the man can Do Her Doggystyle. Man proceeds to Do Her and fingers her clit while fucking her. He also jiggles her huge tits rubs her vagina. They continue to have passionate sex then when it ends they spoon for a while before man leaves. After about 9 months, man hears from friend that his wife is pregnant and seems unsuspecting about their passionate romp. Man visits hot neighbour later and she confirms it's his baby: Guilty Neighbour Sex.
Jake: George experienced Guilty Neighbour Sex last week after he saw hot Amber. His friend doesn't even know the kid's his!
Mike: What the hell!
Jake: Oh yeah! I forgot you're Amber's boyfriend!
by HornyPixie May 16, 2010
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