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A Guillem is the most amazing boy you will ever met. He cares about his friends and family, if you know a Guillem he’ll never let you down. He will be always there for you to rely on.
Also, he is really fuckin HOT. Girls fall in love with him with just on of his looks or smiles. He knows how to flirt, but he doesn’t even need it, girls get crazy for him either way. He doesn’t like Thots, so thots, stay a few meters away from him.
He is usually very healthy and pretty tall, and most of the time he is a latino.
A really nice friend.
A few other ways to call him are:
-Guishe or Guixe
- William or Willy
- Guishermina
Remember, if you ever meet a Guillem, stay close to him, you will get lots of benefits.
Girl 1: You haven’t seen any Guillem today yet??

Girl 2: No, I am so unlucky, he is so frickin hot, i love him.
by Cackblack November 02, 2018
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