When a small irregular force takes on a large regular force through the use of hit and run tactics, the element of surprise, sabotage, destroying the enemies line of communications, etc.
For guerrilla warfare to work, the insurgent army must have the full support of the inhabitants in the area in which the guerrilla forces are trying to liberate. The enemy is also the source of the guerrilla army’s ammunition. Guerrilla is Spanish for "little war" and it originated with the actions of small bands of Spanish soldiers who fought against Napoleon’s French army in the Peninsular War (1807-1814).
by Dancing with Fire July 8, 2011
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Guerrilla warfare is the unconventional warfare and combat with which small group combatants use mobile tactics (ambushes, raids, etc.) to combat a larger, less mobile formal army. The guerrilla army uses ambush (draw enemy forces to terrain unsuited to them) and mobility (advantage and surprise) in attacking vulnerable targets in enemy territory.
Some may think that the guerrilla warfare tactic is a smarter way to fight in a war and others unfair(but war is not fair)
by Laura R. January 10, 2008
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A well planned out sex move that involves the male shaving off his pubic hair and placing it on his pillow. When receiving a head job, he pulls out and cums in the chicks face, then SLAMS her face into the pillow, making his pubic hair stick all over her face.
She didn't even see that Guerrilla Warfare coming, excuse the pun!
by smithy85 November 23, 2008
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