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1) A very slow moving or sloth like person. An individual who is always arriving much later than anticipated.
2) an unofficial measurement of time which is about an hour behind standard time.
Get off the couch, change your pajamas and wash your hair! Quit being a fucking Gudger!
David: We are late for the movie. Has anyone seen Jonathan?
Matt: we should see him later, he is on Gudger standard time.
by BatcaveDweller May 23, 2009
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1.when fucking a girl you ejaculate in no more than 5 pumps fuck a girl prematurely ejaculate then (a)not be able to get hard again or (b) fuck her again but go limp during sex. either way resulting in the girl leaving and never talking to you again and forever being embarassed.
i was fucking this girl the other night and pulled a gudger, she hasnt talked to me since and wont answer my texts.
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