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Unlike the meaning of "gualla", Gualla with a capital G means money. Gualla is also a movement by which a person stays on the hustle and grind to get money. Gualla is also way of earning money known in the rap/hip-hop movement.
"Yo, I stayed up on my grind all night selling these dvd players to get my Gualla up." or

"Man I always gotta keep my Gualla up, cause I be on my Gualla game"
by GGSmitty August 09, 2013
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a way of life.....for homosexuals. It has become known recently that "gualla" is a term used to describe what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes. Sometimes, many of these "gualla" followers get together in large groups and experiment with next ways of sexual pleasure.
Mike: Dude, tom is becoming such a gualla
jeff: i know dude...i don't even want to think about what he does on the weekends *shudder*
by iislicksii September 15, 2010
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Gualla is another way to say money! It was started by Dollah Jones & Hurricane Boyz in their song entitled Gualla! There is also a rap group starring Dizasta of FBI Productions, Smurf of SWAT Beatz Productions, a rapper named Black, and also a rapper named Rello all out of Inkster Michigan BKA Crooked I. Look out for there album between the winter of 2010 or start of 2011.
I keep Gualla on my mind! or GUALLA, GUALLA! I say its Gualla over everything! or even.......More Gualla more problems!
by Smitty the Kid September 29, 2010
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