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Any corpulant old man who grunts loudely in public showers, lockerooms and bathrooms. Although not a necesity, the grumblejack's body is usually covered in a think mat of greying hair, and on occasion a mid-sized bling blingaround the neck. Commen pastimes of the grumbljack include grunting loudely in public showers and bathrooms, and walking around naked in lockerrooms, especially in the suana when there are small boys present. The Grumblejack is known for his heavenly scent, which can often be used to lure unwary travelers into hearing range of the loud grunts and grumbles.
"Hey timmy, what's that spledid odor wafting towards use from that shower stall?" "I don't know billy, lets take our cloths off and go find out" "Grunnntt grumble grumble grunnntttt"
by Spenser P September 03, 2004
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Any overweight man who loudly grunts while doing common tasks, such as walking or dressing oneself. Although not appealing to the eyes, the grumblejack's scent is a little slice of heaven.
Grrnt Grumble Umph Grshdh
by Keith G July 26, 2004
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