The literate way if spelling "growled". Don't ask why it's like that.

Congrats by the way, you managed to spell growled wrong! If spelling isn't your thing, maybe try something else.
Mary and Sally's text messages:

Mary: "Melissa is so weird! She growelled at me"
Sally: "Mary, you idiot, you spelled growled wrong."
by What. The. Fork January 30, 2021
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Growel is a word used randomly to confuse someone via message or in person. It has no proper definition it’s just a random with no meaning that confuses people.
Sean: we should sort a session for next week.
Conor: ye lad 100%
Ryan: Growel
Sean: What ?
Conor: Wtf does that mean
by Hello There 66 February 14, 2019
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