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A place in Dover NJ where all the thugs hang out. A place where no one gives a flying fuck. People on Grover Road usually smoke pot without caring that there neighbors are cops. The kids on the block like to drink beer when the parents go away and pass out wherever they want. People on Grover Road usually have an open house and have the concept of "you're always welcome here." It is most common that while the kids are drinking here they play beer pong, throw up from chugging beer, and make drunk phone calls to the women they wish they had. For the ones with relationships they usually fuck them up on Grover Road from being so drunk they tell there mate that they don't care about him/her anymore at all. Music is always blasted on this street typically not caring if the cops come because there so wasted.
Last week on Grover Road Hartman's parents went away and we got so drunk Zach tried to fuck the neighbor hood dog.

Grover Road is where the thugz be at son!
by J-Hart August 23, 2006
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An exotic, top secret location where gangsters gather. A place where you can grab a beer anytime and lay back. At times though this place may get out of control and it usually revolves around one thing...BEER. At times if ur one of the lucky visitors of Grover Road you can be in the presence of some fine ass bitches; MAD CHILL PLACE TO BE
Quick, Light that firework and dipset to Grover Road

by T-cost August 24, 2006
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