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The Best Day of the year. It occurs every October 5th. It celebrates when the ground DOG comes out of its hole. The only one known to man is known as Charlie.
"Mom! Today is GroundDog Day!
by ceschaech October 05, 2016
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=coined by Abby Lindsay to describe the repeating mental state of dogs when their owners return home, at which time they have forgotten that everything that happened today, happened just as it did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, etc.
GroundDog Day

As in--

"Daddy, what is GroundDog Day?"

"Daddy, Daddy, you're home. I can't believe you came home. I didn't think you'd ever come home.

You've never left me alone for this long before. Daddy, Daddy. I love you soooo much…."

whimper, whimper, doggie kiss, doggie kiss, tail wag, tail wag, hip swagger, hip swagger

"Daddy, Daddy, can I have a Scoobie Snack? Huh, huh.?

"Daddy, you wouldn't believe what Kelly Ripa was wearing today…you really shouldn't have gone to work…what is work anyway, Daddy?

Daddy, can I have some wet food tonight Daddy…what are you eating?…can I go out and play?

When am I going to get a baby brother or sister…how come all the other dogs are walking their Mommies and Daddies by and not me…

Daddy, I saw them pee on my yard….

Daddy, can I sleep on your bed when you're gone…jk Daddy…

Daddy, I can't believe you came home for me….

scratch, scratch, lick, scratch
by miunger April 26, 2013
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