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The most legitimate ground Pokemon of all time. It has an array of different attacks that all rape you. It starts every battle by pissing on the clouds so that the sun shines brightly in the sky. Then it can anally rape any pokemon with a solarbeam without even having to gather sunlight. If that doesn't make the Pokemon faint, Groudon will simply rape the ground with an earthquake, inciting mass chaos and pain within the colon of any nearby Pokemon. In a two vs. two battle, Groudon will rape all of the other participants, including his own partner.
Also used to refer to BAMFs who get action from everyone and their mother, simultaneously.
Did you see that?!! That Groudon just raped his partner with an earthquake!

Wow, did you see that Groudon piss on the clouds? How cool was that?!!

If any of my Pokemon disobey my orders because of my lack of gym badges, I'll just make them fight a Groudon and watch as they get raped.

That guy is such a Groudon. He had sexual relations with both Joe and his the same time.
by gdogmanatee October 20, 2009
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