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an ultra-partisan blog where posts that contain dissenting opinions are distorted by the administrator in order to buttress the shaky foundation on which his simplistic world view is founded. In this twisted microcosm, the humiliation of dissenters is achieved by distortion rather than by a display of superior logic or a greater mastery of the facts. The resultant dearth of posts with opposing viewpoints preserves the echo chamber that is essential for maintaining a thriving culture of ignorance. In this enclave of ill-informed demagogues, people with a shaky grasp of science and history take undeserved pleasure in congratulating themselves on being smarter than professionals who possess advanced degrees dealing with these subjects.
I was browsing this blog called Grouchy Old Cripple the other day and I realized that there was a lack of opposing viewpoints; however, I soon noticed the clear disclaimer that any posters with ideological differences would promptly have their posts edited in an unflattering way - at least there was this single shred of intellectual honesty on the site.
by Logic_not_myth December 29, 2010
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