where a guy grabs a girl's waist and moves with her with rap or some other type of music, called grinding because of the "grinding between a guy's crotch and a girl's ass"
Damn, when she was grinding with joey, he was gettin all up in therr.
by dyslexia October 31, 2004
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A trick performed in a sport, such as skateboarding, moving along a cornered or thin surface in an unorthodox manner, usually without using the wheels.

Oddly, real-life skateboarders are impressive for grinding a few feet, while in most skateboarding video games, you can grind for half a mile without losing balance at all.
by Kenthar August 10, 2003
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an act of sexual dancing by a female, inorder to recieve free drinks from those males that she dances with.
Cindy was grinding on Matt...and yep, now he's buying her a drink...sucker.
by Endofside1 October 19, 2003
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Short for "Grindcore."

Grindcore, or "grind" for short is a type of very fast speed/thrash metal, death metal, or hardcore punk or perhaps a combination of both(depending on how the band plays it). Grind is characterized by very fast drumming that makes predominant use of the blastbeat, very fast thrash metal-style guitar playing, growling/screaming vocals(much like in death metal), and usually rather short songs. The world's shortest song ever is "You Suffer," a grind song written and recorded by grind pioneers Napalm Death. This song only lasts 1 to 4 seconds and its lyrics are "You suffer. But why?"

And despite what many people may think, the British bands Napalm Death and Carcass did not really invent grind. Napalm Death named the genre. Grind is actually an American invention, started in the mid-eighties by Repulsion, a death metal band from Mississippi who wanted to create their own style of brutal music. In 1986, they've released the world's first full-length grind album, "Horrified." Their style of metal was later copied by bands such as Napalm Death and Carcass and the genre still goes on today, though it has never gotten to the mainstream. Still, it's much better than all the nu-metal crap that has plagued the music world since the mid-90s.
Types of grind:

Political grindcore (Napalm Death)
Goregrind (Repulsion, Carcass)
Death/Grind (Grind with significant death metal influences)
by Mark H July 24, 2004
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the act during sexual intercourse when the female sits upright on top of you with deep penetration and furiously rocks herself to orgasm
There is no better feeling in the world than when Karen jumps on top and starts to grind.
by Mike2point2days October 15, 2005
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to rub two things together in a forceful manner
I grinded this against that
by pwnz0r September 04, 2003
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A dance performed in which the female protrudes her buttocks, and the male rubs with his genitals, to the beat of accomanying music. Tends to chaff the penis. ouch...
i ginded her so hard, i couldn't fuck her.
by me October 17, 2003
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