In business when someone smiles and shakes your hand assuring you that they have heard and will act upon your recommendation or concerns when in truth you have already been ignored and dismissed.
Manager Bob: "Our associates will not repond positively to further cuts in their benefits. I strongly recommend against it."

Executive Dick: (Smiling, shaking Bob's hand and massaging his shoulder)"Thanks Bob, we'll take that under advisement. You know our employees are our most important asset."

Dick then processes Bob's pink slip and cuts non-management benefits by 30%.
by Krace September 14, 2004
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The recognisation of a predetermined response from an individual or group, incorporating a meaningless smile or grin, to reassure one that they haven't been listened to for the past 30 minutes.
Sophie stared across the table at her manager.
'You will take on my recommendations, won't you?'
Mr Taylor beamed, 'Of course we will.'
Sophie sighed, immediately realising she'd been grin-fucked.
by liskam October 27, 2003
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grin fuck (verb) - a sales technique in which the salesman smiles profusely while delivering bad news. Since 80% of human communication is based on body language alone, the simple deception of grin fucking is often enough to prevent the victim from fully conceptualizing the bad news until later, after they've already agreed to the deal.

Note: the best defense against grin fucking is to call attention to it by casually asking the salesman why they are smiling.
Salesman <while grin fucking the hell out of you> We had to order a part from overseas, so the invoice came in $500 over the original estimate.

You <after sipping your coffee>: Why are you smiling? That sounds like bad news to me.

Salesman <suddenly befuddled>: Oh... no reason. I guess I'm just in a good mood today.

You: Okay, well, since I never approved the additional costs, what discounts can you provide to bring us back closer to the original estimate?
by Ggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa September 13, 2011
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(verb)- to be overly cheerfully deliberately misleading.
"The little bastard grin fucked me when he told me he'd finished the project."
by David Baglio June 10, 2008
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