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1.A person,or the act of having a tendency, or obsession to give a long hard(sometimes cold) stares to people or objects(eg. whether to study human behavior, for determination on how to get to how you will think, feel, or read out of whatever matter being grilled in the situation. 2.A process of deep visual to mental absorbtion, before a person is able to give a response or reaction to the person or matter they are grillin'(sometimes used for intimadation purposes)
3."Grilly": Anything defined, produced, or created by:
Grilly-G McRealests'on

The man in the club sits at the bar; lamped-out with one of his most favorite drinks, just then he leans out sideways, gettin' unknowingly grilly to a very sexy dime across the way,(that he's seen in here before); tryin' to determine for himself on the sly; if she's really checkin' him, or if he's just buggin' in his mind; due to the fact he's debating if she's could be more then just another pretty face, and someone he might wanna holla at!
by Grilly-G McRealests'on December 19, 2006
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