The coolest person in the world, coming from the original St. Gregory The Great, any person with the name Gregory is simply amazing will likely become wealthy and successful. The name Gregory Smith in particular is only for a select few individuals in the world that define perfection, beauty, and amazement. These people are reserved for the most elite jobs and will likely be leaders in the most prestigious social circles in the world. Basically if you know someone named Gregory Smith stay close to them because keep in mind they are better than everyone else in the world. They are a bro but without the douchebag qualities. They are simply....the best
kid talking to his dad: Daddy i want to be strong and smart and a ladies man and successful some day.
Dad: well son thats impossible because my name or your name is not Gregory Smith, sorry you suck, go be a KA instead.
by theoman1212 November 21, 2010
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Possibly the hottest guy ever. He is one of the stars of the WB (now CW) show Everwood playing the character Ephram Brown, son of Dr. Andy Brown. He also had a starring role in Kids in America. He's a great actor and, as aforementioned, really hot.
Gregory Smith is the main reason Everwood is a great show.
by everwoodisawesome December 26, 2006
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