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the most awsome smart-ass on the planet. His constent rule breaking usually happens to save lives.
lisa cuddy: by doing that you could have killed him

Gregory house: Well... now we have a new option
by n00blet Mc newbie July 10, 2008
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Gregory House is known as House and is the main character of the show House md. He is an amazing diagnostic docter and is totally stubborn and is constantly breaking rule after rule. All that is compensated with his brilliance of diagnosing patients.
Hello, I'm Dr. Gregory House and you are an idiot.
by Ally S. January 17, 2009
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The main character of House MD. He specializes in infectious diseases and nephrology. He is considered by many to be extremely brash and stubborn. He consistently breaks rules, yet he retains his job because he makes up for it with his brilliance. His humor is sardonic and he is not afraid to speak his mind even when it is inappropriate.
Hi, I'm Dr. Gregory House and you are a moron.
by Lisa Cuddy April 25, 2007
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