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The second third member of the Insane Clown Posse. He was brought in a while after Johnny Kickchass left the group in the middle of Carnival of Carnage. He appears on the album Beverly Kills 50187 in the song "In Da Haughhh!".
Greez-E's verse from In Da Haughhh!

I'm Greez-E, and I can moonwalk
But I don't, cause that shit's so fucking played out
Instead, I just grab this wang, and tell you that I'm in the haugh, bitch!
Parachute pants, and moon boots
Chilling on the corner butt-naked hurting fruit loops
Fuck a hill billy goat
Sitting in the tub, I let my nuts float, cause I'm in the haugh
by Pauly Arcane May 15, 2005
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A negative way to portray how something worked out. Also can be an adjective toward people who always screw things up.
John: Are you going to greeze me again for Lilly tonight, Riley?

Riley: Bro, Lilly and I already had plans!

John: Wow Riley, you are a fucking greeze!!
by A Teezy Reezy August 17, 2011
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the greasy, pungent substance that forms and collects most often between the upper thigh and scrotum, as well as between ass cheeks, or other similar areas, usually after at least one day without bathing.

-also greezy, which is being in possession of, or being in a state of greeze.
I've got a world-class greeze forming right about now.

It ain't easy being this greezy.
by wizzy July 25, 2006
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