The second third member of the Insane Clown Posse. He was brought in a while after Johnny Kickchass left the group in the middle of Carnival of Carnage. He appears on the album Beverly Kills 50187 in the song "In Da Haughhh!".
Greez-E's verse from In Da Haughhh!

I'm Greez-E, and I can moonwalk
But I don't, cause that shit's so fucking played out
Instead, I just grab this wang, and tell you that I'm in the haugh, bitch!
Parachute pants, and moon boots
Chilling on the corner butt-naked hurting fruit loops
Fuck a hill billy goat
Sitting in the tub, I let my nuts float, cause I'm in the haugh
by Pauly Arcane May 15, 2005
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