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Pronounced 'Green - witch', not 'Grinich'

A small village located in Huron County. Like Norwalk, Ohio, Greenwich is usually referenced from Cedar Point, which is approximately 45 minutes away.

There is only one high school and one joint elementary/jr. high school in the limits. Some of the biggest events that take place at the high school are usually the Friday night varsity football and basketball games and the musical plays that are put on from the high school choir.

One notorious business in Greenwich is the car wash - not for its all-sudsy-suds fun but for the relatively cheap priced Monsters in the vending machines that can be easily accessed any time of the day, thus making it an ideal spot to hit up for late night gaming or cramming of homework.

There is a park with a small reservoir. Located in the premises of the park is a basketball court, which one year was transformed into a skating rink...*facepalm*

There's literally not that much to do there. To get any form of entertainment, you would have to drive to one of the neighboring towns, unless you get an adrenaline rush from shopping at the oh-so-exciting local Dollar General store.
Person #1 -"Hey! Where are you from?"

Person #2 - "Austin, Texas. What about you?"

Person #1 - "Greenwich, Ohio."

Person #2 - "Oh...I heard that place was a sh*t hole from the Urban Dictionary example."
by Lyrics_Aside December 14, 2011
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Nobody knows we're here. It's like some itsy bitsy place that has a population of 2000. Usually if someone asks where you're from, you say a half hour south of Norwalk or 45 minutes south of Cedar Point.

Greenwich has one high school, South Central. There's really nothing big there. But they're known to have the crappiest gym in the Firelands Conference. Every Friday night you're either at a basketball game or at a football game. Plain as that. But everything went downhill when Mr. Helickson came in. We all know it. Or, when you have lockdowns on exam day :/

Greenwich has one gas station and one dollar general! Isn't that interesting? No. No it's not. Who wants to know about Greenwich anyways🙄
Person 1 Where you from?

Person 2 Greenwich, Ohio

Person 1 Nevever heard of it.
Person 2 ughhhh
by God bless America x2 February 21, 2017
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