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She is a girl who is extremely beautiful. She is always honest whether it is bad news or not. She could care less what others think of her because she is her own person. She doesn't let small petty things get to her but she can be equally as petty to others. She is not two faced. If she likes you in your face then she likes you behind your back and if she doesn't like you behind your back then she doesn't like you to your face. Overall, don't let her go because she is literally one in a million
Dang, Greenley sure is the best person that i know.
by Carl Jimmy Roberts November 28, 2018
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when your friend is kind and generous and offers the first hit off a bowl of marijuana.
rachel: "hey bree, you want the greenley?"

bree: "sure! thank you rachel. bless your heart"
by poop78748645 December 06, 2008
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