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A private, co-ed, small liberal arts college located in Poultney, Vermont. Founded as the "Troy Conference Academy" by the Methodist Church in 1834. Green Mountain College (GMC as it is nicknamed by students) has had many incarnations over it's 175 year history. From Academy, to a very exclusive preppy-women's college, back to co-ed status, and since the mid 1990's focusing on environmentalism, and related movements.

Green Mountain students tend to study art, education, psychology, complaining, and griping. Everyone complains about the food being terrible yet they line up at every meal early and proceed to push and shove to get their share.

Students tend to be earthy, left-leaning, and entitled. Alums from all generations and stripes get all "misty-eyed" over their fun times at 'ol GMC. The campus is beautiful and inspiring in all of its incarnations and moods over the decades. A "Simon and Garfunkel" song come to life.

I'd go there.
Did you hear about Green Mountain College? No, it's not a head-shop, it's an actual college! No, no! It's not a bud-farm. No, they don't have a bong team (wink)! They have some really cool students, really groovy teachers and small campus that is in one of the best places on earth. In Vermont! For sure bro! Check it out holmes!
by blutowski December 05, 2012
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1. noun: A private, small college in Poultney, VT that is the most awesome place in the whole universe. They get high, trip balls, and rage hard every day while working like hippies to save the environment (working like hippies meaning totally slacking, but getting shit done).

2. adjective: Someone who is a slacker, stoner, artist, and overall awesome person.
1. Green Mountain College is so cool, I'm definitely going to school there.

2. Wow, did you see her rip that bong? She's totally Green Mountain.
by mamamaryjane420 July 23, 2009
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