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Slang referance to Oxcontin 80 mg, because of the color of its time release coating.
Yo brosey.. you got any more Green Shirts?

Ya.. Ill print some up and we can meet up.
by Weiner Brisket September 08, 2008
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A legend of lacrosse in the State of Oregon. He is known as Greenshirt because of the green shirt he wears on a daily basis under his pads. He is all that is man. Everyone should bow down and pray to him whenever they step onto the field. Greenshirt can and will slay/sacrifice whomever he desires.
Greenshirt sacrificed his stick to a player from Clackamas.
by Greenshirt4life April 03, 2008
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A slang term used to describe Oxycontin 80 mg. Its is green shirts because the OC 80 is green.
hey dude.. you got any green shirts for sale?
by weiner brisket August 07, 2008
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Code name for marijuana. conveniant for use in public when having a conversation about weed.
stoner#1: yo' sawyer, you wearing that green shirt?
stoner#2: you fucking know it, it's even got long sleeves today!
stoner#1: that's whassup!
by sawyerrrr69 April 11, 2010
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Some of the hardest motherfuckers you've ever met. Known to be armed with mostly tennis balls as a primary means of defense/attack. Can implement immense amounts of destruction and pain with said weapons.

Chief rivals of the Blue Shirt gang.
That boy Gary's a hard motherfucker, he a green shirt!
by zchris87v September 26, 2006
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