a position in a bisexual threesome where a man inserts his penis into the rear of another man who, in turn, is engaging in anal sex with a woman at the same time.
A.J., Drew, and Erika enjoy greek style on a regular basis.
by aj phelps March 29, 2004
Those fags do it greek style.
by Manoli2 February 26, 2008
After a dinner of lamb and tuna fish, Metaxa at the bar, and watching Zorba the Greek at the theatres, we went back to her place to make love Greek-Style
by TommyOkktane December 30, 2004
The art of completing a wank into her ass and asking a handy friend to spoon it out.
Samantha had Timothy round for dinner and asked Jeramy to provide some Greek Style Yogurt for desert.
by Chufty1974 June 3, 2014