Calling someone GreatGrandson means a lot of things. Can be a compliment or insult depending on how you say it. It's based on one the most important users of iFunny in the SWC. He's an iFunnier formerly know as many names including PCFishy, AlanGrant, HevyIsAHero. Makes great edits, videos and memes about fellow users. He is based off other iFunny user Grandson (aka GrandsonofVader). He is an evergrowing account that loves Star Wars and Sabine_Wren.
FrankReynold: I can't believe this you're a GreatGrandson with your content. (Meaning a good creator making astonishing work)

Grandson: Why the fuck are you acting like a GreatGrandson you're breaking your restraining order by even talking to me. (Meaning constant nuisance or menace)

Sabine_Wren: What the fuck you're being a GreatGrandson (Meaning a stalking creep)

_FuckYou_: You're a GreatGrandson. (Meaning you're a great person)
by GreatGreatGrandson October 24, 2018
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