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The Great Mall in Milpitas, California, otherwise mentioned as G Mall, is well known for being huge, having the drug dealers that you'd expect at a huge mall, and being within bus ride distance of Milpitas High School, Russel Junior High School, and Pomeroy Elementary School, which is great for them, because they're expected to take the VTA to and from school anyway. Their only problem now is their stupid backpacks. At time of writing, there are 2 students at Milpitas High School with rolling backpacks, and the G Mall has got to suck for them if they go right after school
G Mall also tends to be crowded as hell, and you are likely to trip over someone's shoe or something of the sort. Or maybe a rolling backpack (see above paragraph.)
Despite it's faults, Great Mall isn't too awful as long as you are capable of ignoring loudness and crowds long enough to shop in one of the many stores, or order off a menu at one of the restaurants. A decent sense of direction is nice too!
P1: "Hey, you guys wanna go to the Great Mall after school?"
P2: "Nah, G Mall is too crowded, and I'm claustrophobic."
P3: "Nah, I have this stupid backpack that I hate! It'd probably kill someone!"
P4: "Nah, I prefer not to have a life. I'm going to go home and study for my AP Calculus BC final, because I only have a 91%! I don't want to have to retake it Sophomore year!"
P5: "P4, stop being so smart! Oh, and I'll totally go, cuz I don't mind crowds, I have no backpack today because it's finals and we don't need backpacks, and I prefer to have a life!"
P1: Plans off... everyone already thinks I'm dating P5... :\
by leeSmilezz February 20, 2011
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