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Defined as a modified salt lake, a Great Salt Lake involves depositing a larger than normal volume of ejaculate in a single contiguous puddle in the concavity of the small of a woman's back. Slightly more technical, a Great Salt Lake has minimum volume requirements. Namely, if the milk soup in question is the product of one man, the volume must be at least twice that for required for a standard salt lake or 4-IBV (4 International Bust Volumes). If two or more men are attempting a great salt lake the formula is as follows. N(Number of Men) X W (Width of small of woman's back in inches) X P(Number of times dicks touched) / Q(Combined phallus length in inches), Or (N*W*P)/Q The result is unitless and defined in IBV's.
Two of my buddies and I got really housed on Natural Ice Light and ran train on this slue. Somehow in the midst of all the sword fighting we managed to pull off a Great Salt Lake.
by qroberts May 22, 2008
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