A skin condition which causes the oil glands to over-produce oils. This can be quite inconvenient when having to shake hands. It also poses quite a problem with using iPod touchs/iPhones because the dried on grease gets caked on the screen.
Person 1 - Hello good sir, how are you?

Greasy Hander - Fine *shakes hand*

Person 1 - Eww... Runs away and disinfects hands.

--------------------------Situation 2---------------------------

Person 1 - Can I borrow your iPod touch?

Greasy Hander - Here... *hands over iPod*

Person 1 - Eww, why is the screen all rough and greasy feeling?

Greasy Hander - Its just mah greasy hands!
by bile2 February 19, 2010
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Not having the time or in the mood to deal with someone’s bullshit that you wouldn’t even take the time to wipe off your hand when eating chicken wings or ribs before you slap the shit out of them.
John S.: Hey can I have one of those?

*reaches to take a bbq spare rib*

*John V turns and blocks advancing hand*

John V: Don’t make me slap you with ma’ greasy hand!
by jonnygreenjeans March 08, 2019
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