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A strong girl who is not afraid to conquer her fears. She loves to learn and grow as an individual and can do anything if she truly wants to. Some people say she is magical, some people say that she is pretty. Most people say she is a brilliant friend who can help you in the darkest of times and make you feel like you are the most important person on earth. Even though she can sometimes be a little annoying at times she is always trying her hardest at what she enjoys and will easily be considered the best girl in her class. One minute spent with her maybe even less than a minute you will remember for a long time. If you are the right person you will notice that Graziella is a fond person who loves to make her friends smile and loves to smile herself and become the most positive person on earth. Even though she doesn't realize it she already is the most beautiful girl on earth, inside, and out.
"Graziella really helped me through my relationship breakup with Tom, wow she really is the best friend anyone could ever ask for."
by AZawesome202 August 04, 2017
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The sobbing bitch in West Side Story who's love, Riff, was killed by Bernardo.
Always said with a chain smoker's accent.
Usually rolling with her ho Velma.
"Me and Graziella will take to the streets!" - Velma
by AnybodysMuffs April 30, 2009
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