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A scat related sexual activity between two individuals of any sex. One of the individuals must be in a pre-state of having explosive diarrhea. Upon that individual, the other performs a rigorous act of either anal fingering, fisting or pegging creating a plunger like effect within the bowels. Immediately upon withdrawing, the individual expels a massive assplosion to the delight and satisfaction of both.
Frank's girlfriend was feeling a little rumble in her bowels. She wasn't sure if it was from Rachel's Rumblies or if she was about to have a case of the Savory Squirts from the what now seemed to be the off fish tacos she had earlier in the day. Not wanting to miss a good chance for some scat play, Frank gave her a good old fashioned Gravy Plunger and fisted her up until he pulled out and she blew shit like a rooster tail all over the bathroom.
by A. M. Wood March 28, 2015
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