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A device that is used to create a strange thing called gravity. This “gravity” was created to benefit people living on the Southern Hemisphere, otherwise known as the wrong side of the world.

Gravity Belts are not well known in the Northern Hemisphere other than a few stories of gravity belt related crime from Australia, the most insane of all the countries, shared on 4chan.

Australia as you may know banned guns, yet despite this the Aussies have figured out how to detach/destroy their fellow mans gravity belt with boomerangs and other throwable objects. They constantly search for individuals who keep their gravity belts in disrepair so they can watch their victim fall into space. It is so cruel until you realize the rest of crazy things the people see, have, say, and do.
Jesse: Davie your gravity belt is loose!
Davie: OH SHIT! Thanks Jesse.
Jesse: No problem. Can’t have my best friend falling into space.
by Lobo Marango June 23, 2018
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When you're hitting it from the back and you throw up on the girl's back.The yak then moves down around her stomach,forming a belt of chunks.
Person 1:Dude,I can't believe you fucked that fat landbeast last night.You must've been wasted.

Person 2:Yeah,I was blasted.It's cool though,I gave her a pretty beefy gravity belt.
by As_Seen_On_TV May 04, 2009
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