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A newly-founded movement that states that we, as well as animals, are all plants. It is often regarded as a philosophy.

As previously established, it is stated that we are all wood. Then, paper is our skin ripped off. Wood. Wood is made of carbon. We are all made of carbon. Animals are made of carbon. Some animals eat grass. That's because trees are at war with all other plants. They are parasites. The plant eating trees eat plants, killing them. But the animals that eat other animals are traitors. They decided #GrassLivesMatter and they started killing other trees.

The founders of this philosophy are unknown. However, we should all thank them for this wonderful movement.
"Hey, did you hear of the Grass Lives Matter movement? Nothing like that Black Lives Matter bullshit! Hippies were right all along!"
by 🌲 Tree 🌲 December 05, 2016
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