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Grandma Swagg is a style all its own , it has its dearing times of ancient history , liek when you decide to add a scarf or a out of date coat into the mix and try to bring it back and lookin old. or when you lookin liek you took the clothing you are wearing from your grandmas closet , as of sweaters, caky pants, pleated pants , black wool jackets , trench coats, scarfs, and what not , but you would understand , its when the new era of teenagers trying to style their lifes by wearing or bringing the older styles back , as of the michale jackson jacket , or the flava flav clock , or the wool coats they lookin like the older style immagrints wore when they came over to the u.s, or you lookin liek a scotish boy or a chimny sweep you all know what im talking about with the grunge styles , and the old mans golf cap that is strickly the new werd ... Grandma Swagg
Grandma Swagg when you bring the styles from older eras back into time .
by Makin' History chris2low November 30, 2010
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