A great video game who actually is a cynical critic of American society
Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto ?
by RyoMasterSan March 13, 2020
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Grand theft auto (often shortened to GTA) appears to be a game with senseless murder and other violent crimes however it is far more. The developers clearly put a lot of thought into the game as you can see how things such as the in game culture and market change with what you do. You can sit there in a car and listen to the talk radio for hours with new content. The game raises some really important questions and asks if we as a society have trusted our social media influencers too much. It takes a look at this topic through the lense of 3 murderous psychopaths with wildly different backgrounds who all have problems with how modern society views our culture, our celebrities, and how we have fallen as a society. However regardless of what I have said some British woman named Karen will still brush the game off because “boo hoo people die” grow tf up Karen. It’s a great game suck one.
“Man Grand Theft Auto is such a misunderstood game
by Catholicman1 June 17, 2022
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Guy: Holy motherfucker is that Grand Theft Auto? Can I play?
Guy 2: Oh hell no boy! I'm about to fuck this ho in my car.
by BadboopBadabeep April 19, 2016
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a game thats not gonna come out until like 2056 since rockstar games havent even made gta 6 yet after 9 years
November 2056- guy. oh my god dood grand theft auto 7 has finaly came out!
by kinternet August 31, 2022
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Grand theft auto is game that will make you evil you kill people with car and gun with michal and trebber
Girl: wanna smash
Person: *kills her with car*

Friend: wanna smoke crack
You: no I’m playing grand theft auto five

In grand theft auto five you kill people it is made by Donald trump
by Rolbloxoof February 11, 2018
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