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A wonderful ratio that shows how hard you must try in high school in order to virtually keep the same grade, as you would normally. This is perfect to lazy people, as colleges will see a 98 and 93% as the same: an A. If someone must try their ass off to hold a 98 percent, and let's say they put in a 10/10 effort. The grade to effort ratio is 9.8. However, if the same kid does a half ass job and still gets a 93%, lower but still an A, their grade to effort ratio will be rougly 93/5 = 18.6, much higher.

The same holds true for GPA. Let's say someone has a 3.9 and tries to the maximum (10/10), the grade to effort ratio will be 3.9
Let's say their friend has a 3.7 and they didn't do shit all year (6/10), the grade to effort ratio is 6.2

The thing is, it is exponentially harder to achieve just a few percent higher, yet if you suddenly stop trying hard, your grade will barely drop. I don't recommend this if you're teetering between a B+ and an A- for example, but if you have an 86, and try your ass off, you could do half ass work and still get an 84, the same result.

This does not work for everyone but many people can relate to how they have to bust a nut just to increase their grade by 1 percent, and how they can maintain their current grade with half the effort.
Joey and Brandon, two high school kids of similar academic aptitudes...

Brandon - "Yo Joe, whats ur GPA, I have a 3.68 and i'm busting my ass to do it"

Joe - "Ha, you try-hard, I have a 3.65 and i'm just chilling in all my classes"

Brandon- "Well i'm still doing better"

Joe - "But is it worth staying up all night studying, missing practice, and having no friends? Just for an extra 0.03 percent?

Brandon - "Yeah I guess dude, no matter how hard I try, I can't break the 3.7 barrier;I figure if I just jack off the rest of the year, I"ll basically get the same grade"

Joe - "Exactly, increase your Grade-to-Effort Ratio, its not worth the extra 0.03 points to not have a life."
by The One Wise Man June 13, 2013
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