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Grönt is Swedish slang for weed. Grönt/grön is Swedish for green. Grönt is often used with another color, Brunt which is swedish for brown. Grönt is never used when talking about hash and brunt is never used when talking about flower/bud/weed. Grönt and brunt is mostly used when the type of cannabis product is of importance and rarely if ever used as a general term when talking about cannabis. Other swedish weed slang: Maja, braj ,grälle, äzi,gräs, ved,röka.
har du grönt eller brunt? - do you have Grönt or brunt?
Grönt är skönt - Grönt is pleasant

Grönt är 100kr/g - Grönt is 100kr/g
Grönt är ingen grönsak - Grönt is not a vegetable

Jag har en 5g jolle grönt här! - i have 5g joint Grönt
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by MegaMoistMister April 24, 2019
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A slang name for the female genital region. Other names include minge, gash, clout etc. A "gront"can often be inflicted in a minor, of major way with "gront beans".
Mary had a rather itchy gront today.
by Touch The Clown August 12, 2009
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