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Gowk (pronounced ɡaʊk) is a noun with a number of meanings. It is sometimes used to mean a cuckoo or an awkward, clumsy or stupid person. Apparently the word goes back to ancient German and could mean a bastard, simpleton, or fool, which gives its commonest usage namely an awkward or foolish person. There is also a third totally distinct meaning; in Geordie dialect it means an apple core.
“You passed your kid off as his? You fucking gowk!”
by AKACroatalin January 03, 2017
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The middle, normally inedible part, of a fruit or vegetable, containing seeds etc.
I don't like the gowk in a tomato
Make sure you scrape the gowk out of the melon before slicing it
by brudderss February 09, 2017
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