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A small town out side of Sault Ste. Marie. The population is only about 5000, the 'downtown' area consists of a corner store, scenic lookout, baseball park, play ground, and hockey rink. People often relate Goulaisgans (the people that live in Goulais River) to dirt bags, or people that own goats.
guy 1: I live in Goulais River.
guy 2: Really?! So that means you have a goat right?
by vaginer 69er April 13, 2009
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Goulais River

1-An area slightly North of civilization.
2-A word often used in insult
3-A short-form for Armpit Of Ontario
4-A popular destination for bears
5-Where cars and trucks go to die
1-Person 1:"Hey!, let's go to Goulais River!!"

Person 2: "Where the heck is that??"

2-"You inbred!! you act like you're from Goulais River!"

"You bought a house in Detroit? you're so Goulais!!"

3-"LOL, You live in Goulais??"

4- Bear 1: "Let's go to Goulais and eat some garbage"

Bear 2: "Where the heck is Goulais?"

Bear 3: "You're kidding me right?"

5- "Hey, let's fix up this perfectly good car so it looks cool and goes fast".............time goes by................."oops, I guess it's Goulais Rivered now!!"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010
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