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A minor internet celebrity and the third most violent otherkin known to man (the other 2 being Kenneth Eng and Robert H. Marko), Gothzilla is an angry, gay goth kid sporting a ponyhawk and a set of crusty, infected nipple rings, who thinks that he is a bipedal, orange dragon. Gothzilla is a modest dragon who only wants you to acknowledge his superiority and bow down before him. He has the modest dream of completely annihilating the human race, while getting disemboweled and anally raped by a bunch of bigger dragons. He makes art and videos which emphasize this. He confessed to attempted murder (a crime which was witnessed by over 50 people), but due to a technicality was never given a proper sentence and probably never will be.
Kid in detention 1: I swear, if they don't let us out of here soon, I'm gonna start stabbing people.

Kid in detention 2: Don't say shit like that.

Kid in detention 1: Why? Because they'll put me in "ther-uh-pee"?

Kid in detention 2: No, because it makes you sound like Gothzilla.

Kid in detention 1: Oh. I'll stop now.
by Flaming-biscuit September 07, 2010
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A member of the clique know as goths, that is either gigantic or is a quote unquote leader of the rest of his/her fellow goths.
That gothzilla could kick your ass any day!
by hawkguy November 06, 2005
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