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a Goth - Geek is nesscesscarily a mixture of the two. quite to contrary belief, many people thing they are depressed, when in actuality, they are probably some of the happiest people you could know. they usually wear combats and shirts, generically one without logos and one conforming to a colour scheme, usually black or white. they identify the features of geeks, and watch anime & manga, while also conforming to gaming culture (note: gamers are also a tribe)
they identify the idiolect of 1337, and often can be judgemental. some identify "emo" as posing and pathetic. they listen to metal from the late 70's to early 90's. and see most new music as a Dire attempt to make money without skill.
"Im a Goth geek" "...what?" "goth geek" "...does that even exsist?" "yes." "well ill be damned"
by joseph guiness September 27, 2006
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