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When a gossip vulture see's someone upset they will swoop in to see whats wrong. A person is only a gossip vulture is they do not speak to or even like the person who is upset. They will try and get the gossip through whatever means possible and then spread it.
*Gossip Vulture* ZOMG they are sad. i must know whats going on.
*sad person* go away i dont wanna speak about it
*Gossip Vulture* you know you can speak to me
*sad person* okay well....
Gossip Vulture walks off and goes to another group
*Gossip Vulture* ZOMG guess what...
by sargeman16 January 21, 2010
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People who arrive onto the scene of an incident (for example, a fight) that has recently occurred, but one they did not witness. They then start to ask the people who saw what happened questions ("What happened?" being the main one) until they get enough information to gossip to their friends about it.
"Wow, that fight was pretty brutal. Oh look, here come the Gossip Vultures!"
by Lewis505 October 17, 2007
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A person who only befriends you to learn gossip, and then passes it on. A popular journalistic occupation, but also common elsewhere.
Emily is a real gossip vulture. I told her about Justin and she's ignored me since.
by John Marshall September 01, 2005
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