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A Gorthos is a hoopy frood who started life as your average run of the mill super-intelligent human, but slowly evolves in to a super-human in many ways. As a Gorthos ages, he tends to not only maintain his like and ability in all things technical and generally nerdy, he also is able to get dates with attractive yet also slightly geeky nerd-girls. This makes him a diety among fellow nerds and although scorn occasionally rains down upon him from less fortunates, most often his charisma of 18 wins the day, even with decryers.
"I'm worried about little Timmy. He won't play hockey."

"Don't worry dearest, he's a Gorthos."

"True. As are you my sweet. Would you care for more tea?"

"Yes pretty lady. and a hand job please."

"But of course!"
by Bob Goatu September 14, 2008
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