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the most fierce, brave and the most determined soldiers in the world. Although they are only 5 feet tall in average, they are still respected because of the level of bravery they have soon in the field. Throughout the years, Gorkhali have recieved the several, highest honour medals (The Victoria Cross - 14 men have recieved this award). It has been written that even Samurai's were scared when they heard the Gorkhalis were coming. Samurai's had heard of Gorkhali soldiers, who would come in silence, and slice their enemies throat while they were sleeping. During the Second World War, many Gorkhalis were taken in by the British army to fight in the war. It is because of these brave men, Nepal has been able to survive. When the British came, they took over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ... but never did they take over Nepal. It is because of them we Nepali's are able to call ourselves Nepali. So, lets give a minute to these men who have given their life for their country. Eventhough they have died, they will still be in our hearts, they will continue to live on. "Wars come and go, But our soldiers stay eternal"

British: Let's kill these people with guns, and take over their country
Gorkhali: We will not stand down, we will kill you with our khukuri, we will chop you like we chop radish

...HOurs pass by, gorkhali with khukuri's fight the British who have guns, BUT STILL, Gorkhali's are not afraid, they chop their enemies like they chop radish.

British: Oh, my god, they are so brave
British: Stop! Don't kill us. Would you like to join our army?
Gorkhali: Sure, why not.

... Gorkhali's still continue to serve in the British army

By Bishwas Paudel
by Bishwas Paudel October 15, 2005
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Another name for Nepali, the main language of nepal and some parts of nothern india. Gorkhali means language of the gorkhas who were nepali warriors known for their fierce heroism in battle.
"There are few recourses for learning gorkhali"
by Daniel destroyer of worlds November 10, 2008
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