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When Andrew walked outside without a shirt, he felt a chilly breeze. "Brrrr, it's so I can feel goose nips all over my skin."
by Peaky Breeki January 12, 2018
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A nickname parents use for their YOUNGEST son or daughter. Goose Nip refers to the most feisty and mischievous sibling who has to be fearless to survive because he or she is the smallest. This child will often go into intimidation mode with his or her bigger siblings like a angry goose chasing people at the park.
Everytime there’s trouble he’s always right in the middle of it . He’s such a goose nip!

My little girl is definitely a goose nip with her cousins. She is so bossy I swear she’s gonna grow up with no friends.
by splashmaverick January 31, 2018
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