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Googlejerk (noun) 1. A mostly circular and nonproductive exchange of (usually superficial) links whose actual function is self-gratification of the senders of the links. An validation of the saying, "The biased hyperlink is the tool of choice for the thought-averse and insecure of mind in the 21st century."

A Googlejerk always contains two or more participants.

Each link buttresses a portion of the stance of its sender; sometimes it is chosen based on a prior link from an earlier sender, but always in clear support of a position held prior to the initation of the jerking motion, and never incorporating actual information from a prior link from an opposing jerk participant.

Often, the initiator of each fusillade feels he has made the definitive statement, vanquishing his foe a la Stewart/Colbert. Nonetheless the circular nature of the Googlejerk feeds on itself and continues until... the sense of completion accompanying exhaustion.

To qualify as a Googlejerk, the entire activity must not result in increased understanding, even accidentally, by any participant. The power to sustain the Googlejerk is developed by each participant thru the energetic impulses he gets from reading the jerking activity of the other members of the circle.
Aloysius and Poyndexter never agree on anything, but never change each other's mind. They spend endless hours online, in googlejerks with their tribes, thinking they're going to solve the world's problems.
by Grendol November 24, 2015
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