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{Google-ize-ation-ism}. This can be referred to a (growing) {doctrine}, a {practice,} (doctors practice) a {belief} (state of mind) or a {condition} (a state of being) (ism) and a process (ation) where the human mind is continually searching (Google) usually in a very intense manner (speed) in which the brain is collecting data via the {minds eye,} while continually {blending} and {coalescing} that data with existing data and life's experiences while constantly adding more, and with continuous analyzation, scrutinization, and penetration of the external, and internal, of things material and immaterial, to a point, of understanding, comprehending, or apprehending, the essences or properties of that data, in order to begin to order, to engineer, to form or create the environment in which one lives by assembling the individual pieces or elements, material or immaterial together to form a complex whole or in short to sythenisize.
1. Those who embrace {googleizeationism} will create the new world "that has order." Order your new world and create.

2. One does not have to be afraid of {googleizeationism} but may not be able to understand or grasp it, if one is not willing to give (of themselves) as giving is the essence of life and the force that will create the new world.

3. Stated simply {googleizeationism} is the art and science, or practice, of searching minds in order to find new ways of creating ones world - an experiment in living.

4. Everybody wants to create because the Creator is inside, figure out what you want to create and if you still can't create it, fix what is inside of you and keep trying with continued believing and practicing googleizeationism will aid you in your efforts.

5. The belief and practice of {googleizeationism} may cause inflammation of the brain known as {googleitis.}
by Ajax3 June 18, 2010
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