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A woman who hears a man that she's romantically interested in use a phrase she doesn't know the meaning of, and instead of accepting the man's guidance on the subject by asking him, she looks it up on Google or another search engine for the meaning. She thus maintains her independence and self esteem and continues her unconscious pursuit of a lonely life.
That black guy has a lot of Google Widows peeping around corners at him.
by major_delmac March 01, 2005
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A spouse of a Google employee. A Google Widow spends most of her/his time alone due to their spouse's extreme working conditions, such as early mornings, late nights, and work trips. The Google Widow's situation is also pronounced by the fact that when her/his spouse is physically present, the quality of connection is often poor, as spouse is frequently consumed with stress due to work. Google Widows rarely interact with their spouse without having to compete with a computer, a phone, or other tech gadget that keeps them hooked to work. Though Fortune Magazine consistently ranks Google as the best place to work, Google Widows have complex and conflicted feelings about such an assertion.
Gloria, the Google Widow, will probably come to the party without Tom. Again.
by fiddlehead July 23, 2016
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