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When a person shags another person as a favor to someone else. There are two types of Goodwill Cunting scenarios, categorized by whose benefit motivates the shagging.

1) Third-Party Goodwill Cunting: The Goodwill Cunter is doing the shagging as a favor for a third party (not the one being shagged). This is often done to facilitate sex between other people (e.g., having sex with a hot girl's ugly friend so your buddy can bang the hot girl) or to distract the one being shagged (e.g., shagging a girl so her little sister can sneak out with the rest of your friends).

2) Direct-Beneficiary Goodwill Cunting: The favor is for the one being shagged. This type of Goodwill Cunting is often motivated by pity, performed by girls on really sweet friend-zone guys who never EVER get laid.
1) Mike owes me big time! He finally scored with that hot girl Krisi, thanks to my throwing down some goodwill cunting on her ugly friend Jeni.

2) Man, I feel so bad for Bobby! He's so sweet and never gets laid. Since he did my homework all year, I might just throw down some goodwill cunting if I can't get my ugly friend Jeni to fuck him for me.
by Spammygirl October 27, 2013
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