A well-established and thoroughly respectable website for booklovers. You can read masses of unbiased book reviews from other members, you can friend them too. It is a rich and varied site and well worth exploring.

(Ignore the comment about it's sexual content which was made by a troll)
Goodreads website is the best site for booklovers!
by Mr_Toad April 09, 2017
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goodreads-(1)originally created for people of all ages to discuss books and to write stories. Is well know for teenagers going on the site and roleplaying.

(2) website for book talks and online sex
(1) I was writing my sotry on goodreads but got distracted by the roleplay groups rmance section
(2) my character was going at it with this hot character roleplayed by a girl in texas
by LuvAlex May 04, 2009
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