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Noun: A form of good luck given to those who win tickets (concert, movie, etc...) from a contest or sweepstakes. Often times used as a polite form of "Na-ne-na-na boo-boo, I got free stuff and you didn't!", it can also be used as a sincere way of expressing the joy of winning.

Whether these individuals deserve this good karma is not always relevant, but those undeserving folks who use this term can always pretend their good deeds were the source of their good fortune! (;
I was the 9th caller at the radio station and The Good Karma Ticket Fairy blessed me with 4 free tickets to see the new Harry Potter Movie! Who's jealous??? Maybe I won because I helped that little old lady across the street last week...? Hmmm...
by DeWinter June 11, 2007
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